Home Services Connection

At Long & Foster® / Webber & Associates, we want to support you before, during and after your real estate transaction. We are here to provide you with services you will need for the duration of your homeownership, from carpet cleaning and landscaping to roof repair and interior decorating. Our movers can assist you with local, national or international relocation services, or help find short term or long term storage. Our online Home Utility Program allows you to change your address, connect your utilities and even order a newspaper subscription all from one website – 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world for residential addresses across the nation. Long & Foster® / Webber & Associates are here to assist you whenever you need us for whatever your home may require.

Need to connect, transfer, or contact utility services, or check status of services orderedvisit our Home Service Connections page, get registered and leave the burden of all these changes to us!